William Guerrieri, BODIES OF WORK

In these decades, the immaterial aspect of the work and the abstract dimension of the production processes have been emphasized several times, ever more distant from the model of twentieth century industry.  
However, the physical dimension of the work has not disappeared.  
Facing the great technological innovations that are modifying the work, the invitation of Guerrieri, who has carried out a photographic survey on the industrial area of ​​Marghera (Venice), is to observe the role assumed by the human body, which for Michel Foucault constitutes ‘”political anatomy" of every society. 

Catalogue of the exhibition at Centro Culturale Candiani, Venezia, May-June 2018.


Rubiera, Linea di Confine Editions, 2018. 

20x27 cm, 84 pages, jacket with internal flaps. Italian and English texts by the author and by Giorgio Falco (excerpt from Ipotesi di una sconfitta, Einaudi, 2017). 

Euro 22,00 

ISBN: 978-88-88382-28-9