The project Another Landscape, devised by Città Invisibili, originated from the desire to tell a complex and still little-known territory such as that of the mouth of the River Po through photographic study. Among the towns of the river delta, Marco Zanta – more used to metropolitan environments – devised a new work developed along the lines of his most recent photographic reflections.  

The photographer says about this project: “Besides representing the places, I am more interested in understanding the relationships that are established within the territory. Becoming part of a social climate and trying to create possible interpretations (...). I think that the aspect that struck me the most about these areas was the kind of suspension of time that seems to enshroud everything. (...) The similarities with what cinema has shown us are still present. But what attracts me is the context in which all this takes place. We are just a few dozen kilometres from the urban fabric and the commercial areas that helped to create the economic model of the North East. A model that today seems to have failed. (...) In short, I felt poised between harsh contemporaneity and a set of slower, more ponderous worlds.” 


Rubiera, Linea di Confine Editore, 2015.

Curated by Città invisibili, Another Landscape project #1. 


Format: 16 x 24 cm. 64 pages, text by Barbara Pregnolato, paperback cover. 
Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Museo Regionale della Bonifica at Cà Vendramin. Taglio di Po, Rovigo. From 29 August to 11 November 2015.

15,00 Euro 

ISBN : 978-88-88382-24-1