TAV. Linea veloce Bologna - Milano
Dominique Auerbacher, Cesare Ballardini, Tim Davis, Vittore Fossati, Marcello Galvani, John Gossage, William Guerrieri, Guido Guidi, Walter Niedermayr, Bas Princen
from 1 March 2003 to 30 July 2009

The ongoing study carried out on the works for the High-Speed Train line between Bologna and Milan explored the manifold territorial consequences of this major undertaking through the varied and diachronic gaze of 10 photographers: John Gossage (USA), Dominique Auerbacher (France), William Guerrieri (Italy), Guido Guidi (Italy), Walter Niedermayr (Italy), Vittore Fossati (Italy), Bas Princen (Netherlands), Tim Davis (USA), Cesare Ballardini (Italy) and Marcello Galvani (Italy). Underlying the study projects implemented by Linea di Confine there is a concept of documentary photography as an anti-rhetorical and anti-spectacularist form of research, without trying to be exhaustive or to come up with theoretical generalisations. This is a method based on the fundamental principle that a number of authors may contribute to a collective cognitive action by virtue of the multiplication of points of view and of observation strategies.  

During the early years of the project (2003 - 2006) certain areas around the building sites were taken into consideration, such as the iron bridge over the river Po, the Fontanellato tunnel, the Modena viaduct, and the ‘natural tunnels’ of the urban track section around Bologna. During the final phase (2008 - 2009), thanks to the collaboration of Trenitalia, the study focused on the ‘environmental mitigation measures’ and the technology used for the control of the trains when running.  

The photographic research was accompanied by two interdisciplinary study days which helped define the role which photography may have in the awareness and perception of the transformation of the contemporary landscape following the construction of major infrastructures. Furthermore, over the seven years of the study, five Photography Workshops were held, frequented by more than 100 young Italian photographers. 

from 15 March to 21 April 2013

TAV Bologna - Milano. Fotografia, ricerca e territorio  
The exhibition entitled TAV Bologna - Milano. Fotografia, ricerca e territorio, curated by Francesca Fabiani and William Guerrieri, was displayed at MAXXI Architettura in Rome from 15 March to 21 April 2013, and enjoyed great public success. 

The exhibition featured around 130 photographs produced over some seven years of study by John Gossage, Dominique Auerbacher, William Guerrieri, Guido Guidi, Walter Niedermayr, Vittore Fossati, Bas Princen, Tim Davis, Cesare Ballardini and Marcello Galvani, as well as two videos by Tim Davis. The exhibition presented for the first time a broad selection of all the research carried out from 2003 to 2009, which had been previously displayed at the end of each study at the Ospitale venue in Rubiera, from 2004 to 2010.  

During the exhibition, the series of nine monographs published by Linea di Confine to accompany the studies received an award from MAXXI for the best publication of the month.

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Vittore Fossati, Vicino ai ponti in riva ai fiumi, 2009